Chuck Prolog

What is Chuck Prolog?

  Chuck ProLog is fully-functional PROLOG interpreter + IDE for Windows 3.1. It features:

  • Almost full Prolog syntax;
  • Interactive debugging. The user can execute the program step by step or until reaching breakpoint. The entire stack, including unified variables, can be seen.
  • Breakpoints. Breakpoints can be:
    • Unconditional. When a certain predicate is reached, the execution stops.
    • Conditional. An attempt to unify the current predicate and user-specified breakpoint predicate is made. If the unification is successful, the execution stops. Whatever the results, the test unification does not change the state of the variables in the running program.
  • Clause browser. Using the 'prowler' (doesn't it sound better than 'browser'?) all predicates, or predicates satisfying a certain condition are being found and displayed. When the system assert and retract predicates are executed, or whenever the clauses change, this change is reflected in the prowler.
  • Several built-in predicates, including assert and retract.


  Documentation is available only in Bulgarian. You can download a word document or view it online [*]. It contains technical documentation and user manual.

Future development

  Development of Chuck ProLog has ended in 1995. I have no plans for any further development.


  Chuck ProLog is free for non-commercial use. For any further information please contact me.



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